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Ensuring Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

ac_workHVAC systems are necessary to ensure indoor climate control. However, a poorly maintained HVAC system can lead to high fuel consumption and high energy bills. A HVAC system that is serviced each year and maintained well will last longer and more than pay for the maintenance and service costs in lower energy bills.

How the HVAC System Works

HVAC systems normally bring heated or cooled air into rooms through pipes and vents. By ensuring that these pipes are not leaking, it is possible to ensure that treated air is not lost in the ducts.

Basic Maintenance

The HVAC systems typically have a furnace to heat air. Regular service will ensure that the furnace is functioning properly. This includes checking the ignition, the fans, and the hoses. If the ignition for the furnace does not work properly, the furnace will not be lighted as necessary. Similarly bent fan blades or loose screws on the fan can lead to a noisy furnace that does not blow the heated air as required.

The Correct Position

Another important part of a HVAC system is the thermostat. A HVAC system with a programmable thermostat can help reduce energy bills by letting the home owner decide the temperature. However, this can work only if the thermostat is placed in the right position in the rooms. A technician who is servicing the HVAC system should also check the placement of the thermostats and ensure that they are not affected by droughts. This will help the thermostat read the temperature of the room correctly and ensure that the HVAC system keeps ambient temperatures at comfortable levels.

It does not Pay to Neglect Your System

Just as it is important to check the furnace for signs of damage and clean it regularly, the air conditioners that form part of the HVAC system too need to be serviced regularly. This will ensure that the entire system functions properly.