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Essentials that Garage Door Repair Services should Check

ChecklistThere are many components to a garage door that can wear out or become damaged. A good garage door repair and maintenance service will always check the most vital components for damage. These are the spring that holds the door up, the rollers, the sensors that control the movement of the door, and the tracks on which the automatic door moves.

This is because if the tension spring that holds the door up when open becomes weak it can lead to the door closing unexpectedly and injuring people standing in the doorway or damaging a car passing through the doorway.

The Rollers

Similarly, the rollers that actually move the door up and down to open and close it have to be examined carefully at periodic intervals. Any weak links in this area can lead to a door that does not open or close when required and can also lead to injuries or damage if the movement is not controlled.

The sensors are the electronic eyes of the door control that keep track of the movement of the door and the presence of any people or objects in its path. If the sensors work properly, the door will not continue shutting down if a person or object is in the doorway. As such the sensors are essential safety features that must be checked at regular intervals.

Proper Door Movement

The tracks are the path through which the door moves as it opens and closes. Any bend or even the presence of dirt in the track will inhibit the smooth movement of the door and can lead to delays when you want to leave the home in a hurry or close the garage door quickly to keep out the cold weather.

When having a garage door serviced or maintained, the home owner should ensure that the technician checks these components of the door properly.