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SEO Tools And Their Uses

seo_constructionAny web marketer is aware that search engine rankings are one key to the success of a web marketing campaign. Just as in other areas of business, the important aspects of web marketing need to be measured to ensure that the changes being made website and campaign are having a positive impact on search engine rankings, social media mentions, and other metrics. This is possible using SEO tools.

Many SEO tools are available for free, while a few paid ones should also be used to measure those metrics that are most important to increase sales.

SEO tools can be used to measure:

Twitter Followers: A tool that analyzes the Twitter followers and segments them based behavior can help a savvy marketer better engage with their followers.

Link Analysis: As Google and other search engines use back links as part of their criteria for assigning search engine rankings, it becomes important to analyze the back links used by competitors. This will help the marketer come up with a strategy to use relevant back links to increase the search engine rankings of the page they are promoting.

Ideally, this link analysis should also factor in social media activity as most search engines take this also into account when assigning rankings.

Track Google Rankings

Search engine rankings especially Google rankings can change every day. Before steps can be taken to improve Google search engine rankings, the web marketer has to track the Google rankings and also see which competitors are ranked higher. This will enable the web master to analyze competitor pages and come up with a viable marketing strategy. As the web is a dynamic entity, it becomes important to monitor it on a daily basis using a suitable SEO tool.

Brand Tracking

The dynamic nature of the web ensures that there is a possibility of the brand being mentioned in various media – websites, social media, news reports, blogs, and so on. The brand manager should have a way of tracking every mention of the brand on the web. This will help them to promote positive mentions and counter negative publicity appropriately.

Keyword Difficulty Assessor

Another important aspect of search engine optimization is the use of keywords. A SEO tool that can rank keyword according to the difficulty they will have in increasing search engine rankings can be of fantastic help when new content is being created. While all web masters are aware of the need for avoiding keyword stuffing and providing meaningful content, the key to search engine optimization is often using the right keywords. A tool that can help the web master decide between two competing keywords can be invaluable in quickly increasing search engine rankings.

While a comprehensive web marketing plan includes more than just improving search engine rankings, this is often the most vital component of the plan. Unless visitors can locate the web site, all the other marketing efforts cannot be used. As such webmasters need to use SEO tools to help monitor the performance of the site.