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Signs that a Garage Door Service is Required

garage_service_requiredThough a garage is essential to keep cars protected from the heat, cold, and dust, many people do not pay attention to the garage door until it is too late. A garage door that is serviced regularly will last longer and protect the cars and other material stored inside. While it is a terrific idea to schedule a regular service for the garage door once a year, it is important to have it serviced if it shows signs of damage.

Common Maintenance Tasks

A garage door needs to be serviced immediately if it does not close completely. This is an indicator that either the tracks that lower the door are dirty or misaligned or that the sensors are not working. Sometimes, garage doors lower unevenly when closing because the chains that hold it up need to be adjusted.

Ask for Help When Needed

Since the garage door mechanism is delicate and can lose its balance if not handled properly, it is much better to ask a trained technician to look at the faulty garage door.

Security Concerns

Another problem that can occur with automatic garage door openers is that they do not work on the door. This can be because the same frequency is being used by a neighboring garage door as well. A trained technician will be able to identify the problem and change the locking mechanism, ensuring that your garage is secure. This is done either by changing the lock or the frequency used for the remote, to ensure that the lock cannot be tampered with.