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The Attributes of a Home Inspection

home inspectionA home inspection benefits many people. Those looking to sell their homes can schedule and obtain a home inspection before they advertise the sale to help convince potential buyers of the structural soundness of the home, buyers can use a home inspection report to assess the value of a home and avoid unpleasant surprise soon after they move in, many banks require a home inspection report before advancing a loan for the purchase of a used home, and home owners can use this facility to identify and fix problems before they become bigger and more expensive to fix.

Visual Inspection

A home inspection typically covers a visual inspection of all visible wiring and plumbing, the heating and cooling system in the house, the attic, roof, and visible insulation, the basement, the foundation, and structural components, and the roof tiles. The home inspector’s job is not to encourage or deter the potential home buyer but to educate them about the condition of the home. This information can also be used by home owners to ensure that their home has not developed any major structural problems over the years.

Preventive Inspection

Most people do not check their heating and cooling systems or the basement and attic insulation each year. This can lead to small problems developing as a result of wear and tear and becoming a major crisis if not fixed promptly. Periodic home inspections can help notify the home owner about sagging foundation walls or other structural defects in time.

Special Inspections

Home owners can also ask for specialized home inspections for the presence of radon, mold, or allergens. This is especially important for home owners with children or other vulnerable family members under their care. A radon test or mold test can alert the home owner to potential dangers and enable them to take remedial action as soon as possible.