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The Importance of Lubrication for a HVAC System

ac-unitA HVAC system that is properly maintained consumes less fuel and performs better heating or cooling as required. There are three main components of a HVAC system, the heating or cooling source, the distribution system, and the thermostat. All of these need to perform optimally for the system to heat or cool as desired while consuming a low amount of fuel or energy.


One important maintenance issue for any HVAC system is the lubrication. Regular lubrication of the heating or cooling source as well as the distribution system can ensure that the entire system becomes fuel efficient.

Properly Maintained

The heating or cooling source often has an ignition as well as a furnace or a compressor. All the components of these systems must be cleaned and lubricated at least once a year. This will ensure that there is less friction and consequently less consumption of energy. Moreover, the proper lubrication will lead to less wear and tear of the components and a longer life for the unit.

The distribution system typically comprises of fans that blow the treated air in the desired direction. These fans too need to be cleaned and lubricated to function optimally. The motor of the fan needs to be oiled and the fan blades should be able to move smoothly to get the treated air moving with ease.

Peace & Harmony

Apart from reducing fuel consumption, periodic lubrication will also reduce the noise generated by the HVAC system. When the unit is cleaned and lubricated, there is less friction and therefore less noise.

Suitable Timing

In order to ensure that the HVAC system lasts long and consumes less fuel, a home owner should schedule an annual inspection, servicing, and lubrication by trained technicians. This can be done at the end of winter or before the summer starts.