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The Skills of a Handyman

HandymanA handyman is a multi-skilled person who can help a homeowner pressed for time with a variety of small tasks that are essential to the proper maintenance of the home. A handyman will typically complete minor plumbing tasks, odd carpentry jibs, and small electrical repairs.

Minor Repairs

A handyman is ideal when you need help to complete a variety of minor repairs that require different skills. For instance, if you have set aside a weekend to fix a leaking faucet, fix the toilet seat, change light bulbs, replace a few broken tiles, and re-fix peeling wall paper, a handyman is the right person to call.

Variety of Skills

Unlike a specialist plumber or electrician who will not work on all of these tasks, the handyman will complete this wide variety of tasks. The handyman has the basic electrical, plumbing, and carpentry skills to fix a damaged drywall, assemble furniture, and help install new lights or other electrical fixtures.

Save Time

Many homeowners find that they do not have the time, tools, or skills to complete all of these small chores. They can benefit by hiring a handyman who will bring all the tools needed and complete the work professionally and neatly.

Whether a set of new shelves need to be installed in the closet or the garden furniture needs a coat of paint, a handyman can help you accomplish these tasks at a lower cost that a carpenter.


Some home improvements such as installing ceiling fans do not require a skilled electrician but can be easier when done by two people. A homeowner can retain the services of a handyman who will bring the necessary tools and help complete the installation in a professional manner.

With many people working longer hours and finding it increasingly difficult to spare the time to complete routine maintenance chores around the home, a handyman is the ideal solution.