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Vital Information on Lawn Maintenance

lawnA lush green lawn is a joy to behold and can provide the right venue for turning cartwheels or playing croquet. However, obtaining and maintaining an even and lush lawn requires plenty of preparation and planning. The best lawn maintenance starts with preparing the soil for the seeds or sod.

Soil Preparation

In order to obtain a great lawn, you need to weed the entire land and remove even the roots. Once the weeds have been removed, the soil should be turned and compost and loam mixed with the top soil. After turning the soil, it should be compacted.


Once the soil has been compacted you need to level the earth, When doing this it is a sterling idea to have it sloping to the edges to prevent water stagnation which drown some portions of your lawn and make it easier for mosquitoes to breed. The leveled earth should be raked as well. These steps need to be done with care since you cannot repeat them once the seeds have been planted or the sod laid.


In order to ensure that the lawn looks neat and trim, you need to mow it regularly. However, you need to set the mower blades at the highest setting and trim only the top one-third of the grass. This will ensure that the longer blades prevent the soil from drying soon. The roots too will grow deeper when the grass is left longer. Another benefit of longer grass on your lawn is the shade cast that prevents weed seeds from germinating. As such lawn maintenance includes a bit of beneficial neglect.


Apart from providing the right soil, lawn maintenance includes regular watering. Apart from using the right quantity of water, you also need to choose the right time for watering. Ideally, the lawn should be watered in the early mornings.