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Carpet Installation & Cleaning

carpet cleaningCarpets add to the ambience of a room. However, carpet installation and cleaning need to be done with care to enhance the beauty of the carpet and prolong its life. Carpets need to be installed only on clean and even surfaces since this will prevent dirt and rough surfaces from damaging the base of the carpet. In order to ensure that the carpet retains its color and texture for long, you need to take preventive steps such as regular cleaning.

Surface Cleaning

Wool carpets under normal use only require surface cleaning as the soil and dirt are repelled by the wool instead of being absorbed. After the carpet has been installed you need to follow the cleaning instructions that were part of the carpet installation and cleaning guide. Typically, the carpet will have to be vacuumed once a week in the direction of the pile. To determine the direction of the pile, run your hand over the carpet and check in which direction it feels smooth. The vacuum should move over the carpet in the same direction.


Soon after a carpet has been installed, it will shed some fiber. This is normal and you need not panic and call the carpet installation crew about this. However, the shedding should stop after a few months if your maintenance is correct.


Most wool carpets do not require frequent washing. However, you should get the carpet washed by a professional carpet installation and cleaning service at least once a year. They will deep clean the carpet and wash away any dirt that has become embedded in the carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service will use mild soap for this to ensure that only the dirt is removed and the original colors of the carpet are retained.