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Contemplating Your Home’s Electrical Concerns

plug2Electrical fires are a major cause of fires in homes across the country. Many of these fires are avoidable and you can take simple precautions to ensure that such fires do not occur at your home. Many of these fires are caused by overloading, frayed wires, and poor maintenance.


Electrical appliances should be connected only directly to the main power points and not to extension cords or power strips. If you need additional power points, it is better to consult a qualified electrician about the feasibility of installing additional power points. Similarly, you should never plug in an appliance with a three pin plug into a two pin power point.

Frayed Wires

In many homes, wires are run under carpets and close to furniture or through doorways. In these high traffic areas, the wires are likely to become damaged and frayed increasing the risk of electrical fires. Additionally, when the wires are under rugs, you are unlikely to notice any damage to them and take remedial action.


Another way in which you can avoid electrical fires is to replace any appliance that causes the fuse to trip, smokes, gives a burning smell, sparks, or gives even a mild shock. Additionally, you need to replace any broken or loose switches immediately. Another indicator of a faulty electrical connection is a flicker light bulb. If you notice this, you need to call a qualified electrician to examine the wiring in your home and ensure that there are no problems.


Apart from this you need to ensure that space heaters are placed away from any cloth – curtains, table clothes, and so on. To reduce the risk of electrical fires, you also need to ensure that light bulbs of only the recommended wattage are used with the lamps. Appliances that consume a lot of energy should be connected only to specially earthed power points.