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Garage Repair Necessities

GD1A garage is a safe place to park vehicles. Most modern homes have garages that have remote controlled doors. These are very convenient as one can drive in or out without having to get out of the car in rain or snow to open the garage door. However, a faulty automatic garage door can be more than just an inconvenience, it can be dangerous. As such it is better to take the help of a garage door repair service if the garage door exhibits any of the following signs.

The same Frequency

If the garage door opener does not always respond to the remote control device, it could be an indication that there are other garage doors in the vicinity that operate on the same frequency. This can make the lock ineffective. This means that a garage repair service should be contacted to change the lock or the frequency to make it tamper proof.

Not Properly Aligned

Sometimes, automatic garage doors do not open or shut completely. This could be because the tracks on which the door moves could be clocked with dirt or misaligned. A garage repair service will be able to examine the tracks and rectify any problem in the area. They will clean the tracks if necessary or align them. The service will also be able to replace the tracks if they are damaged beyond recovery.

Safety is Paramount

Another reason for a malfunctioning garage door could be faulty sensors. The sensors on a garage door ensure that the door does not continue shutting if they notice an object in their path. This is to ensure the safety of people moving in and out of the garage as well as cars that are entering or leaving the garage.

Finally, a garage repair service will also check that the spring holding the door up is strong enough to bear the weight of the door.