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Maintain Your Storm Windows

rainIf you live near the coast or in regions that are prone to hurricanes you are aware of the damage that high winds and water can cause to the structure. However, you can protect your home from a lot of this damage by installing storm windows. Storm windows are also an inexpensive way of sealing the air leaks that can occur in old windows with replacing them. Additionally, by installing storm windows you can avoid removing valuable old windows that add character to your home.


Storm windows are essentially metal framed windows in which two glass panes slide up and down to provide additional protection from the elements. Most storm windows also have a shutter that can be lowered to protect the glass and the interior window. Storm windows use reinforced glass that can withstand high force winds. Additionally, there are multiple points of contact between the glass and the metal frame to ensure that no water or air leaks through the window.


There are various types of storm windows available that suit various requirements. Some should be installed outside and are ideal for windows that open indoors. On the other hand if you are looking to protect casements and other outward opening windows, you need a storm window that can be installed indoors.

Some storm windows have an upward opening louver that can be shut from either inside or outside. If you have a traditional or colonial designed home, then you can acquire storm windows that are designed to match the windows that come with your home.

On the other hand those living in homes with contemporary designs can opt for storm windows that are sleek and sturdy.

Patio Doors

Apart from installing storm windows over the windows, larger ones can be installed as patio doors. These are sturdy and offer plenty of protection from the elements.