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Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

ac maintenanceAir conditioning units are one of the major consumers of energy in any home. However, most people need to use them all through summer to keep their homes cooled to comfortable temperatures. While it might be essential for you to run the air conditioner, maintaining it properly can help you reduce the energy consumption and the energy bill.


When a home has a central air conditioning unit, it means that the condenser or cooling unit is placed outdoors and AC lines bring the treated air or coolant indoors. These lines are typically covered with an insulation to prevent the transfer of heat. However, because the insulation is exposed to the elements it can wear out.

You need to check the insulation on the AC lines once in three months for signs of wear and tear. If the insulation is frayed or cracked or condensation forms on the lines, it is time to change the insulation.

Remove Damaged Insulation

The first step to replacing the insulation for the air conditioning unit is to remove the damaged insulation. The old insulation should be peeled off and the diameter of the thicker line should be measured on the outside.

New Insulation

Most hardware stores do not stock AC line insulation. However, you can obtain it from refrigerant supply stores or online vendors. You need to purchase an insulation foam that comes with an adhesive tape.

Wrapping the Insulation

Once you have the new insulation foam, you need to cut it a few inches longer than the AC lines and wrap it around them. The adhesive tape should be removed only when the insulation is in place as once it glues together you will be unable to detach the two ends.

By replacing worn out insulation over the AC lines, you can reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit.