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Solid Foundation Repair

foundation repairThe foundation of a building is essentially the base on which the entire structure rests. So when the foundation is damaged, the entire structure is unsafe. This makes it vital to spot the signs of foundation damage and begin foundation repair as soon as possible.

Underlining Strength

There are various signs of foundation damage that are visible in the living areas of a home. Some of these are uneven floors, tilting doors that do not shut properly, wet or damp walls, and cracked walls or floors. The foundation can be damaged by the excessive pressure of water and soil around the home. In such cases, foundation repair includes the identification of the problem, fixing the cause of the problem, and the strengthening of the foundation.

One Step at a Time

When the floor is cracked or uneven, it is more than just a cosmetic problem. The foundation repair experts will examine the foundation of the home to see if it is tilting, buckling, or cracked. They will also determine the cause of the problem and try and minimize it. For instance, in many cases, the excessive moisture in the soil around the home can add to the pressure on the foundation causing it to buckle, tilt, or crack. As such the foundation repair team will first put in place a system to drain the excess water away from the house, before straightening the wall or sealing the cracks.

Foundation repair typically involves using anchors and weights to counter the tilt of the foundation wall and pulling it back into position. This is less expensive than rebuilding the foundation and can help ensure that the structure remains stable for many more years. Once the foundation repair has been accomplished, the home owner can relay the uneven floors or re-fix the tilting doors without fear that the problem will recur.