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Sprinkler Installation & Repair

sprinklerA lush lawn is a sterling sight and invites the entire family to spend time outdoors. However, lawn maintenance can be time consuming and difficult for those who have to manage jobs, children, and their hobbies. One way of reducing your lawn care chores is to install a sprinkler to ensure that the lawn is watered regularly. Sprinkler installation and repair should be undertaken to ensure that the lawn is evenly watered and to the right degree.

Types of Sprinklers

Most experts on lawn care agree that the best time to water the lawn is at dawn. This helps to ensure that the excess moisture evaporates from the grass and does not cause it to rot. However, you are not likely to want to get up each day before dawn to switch on the sprinkler system. Instead, if you obtain and install a sprinkler system with timer installed, you can set it to water the lawn even as you catch up on your sleep. This is the most convenient way of watering the lawn.


Sprinkler installation and repair are skilled jobs as the pipes have to be laid without damaging the lawn. Additionally, the sprinkler heads have to be fixed at the right depth in the soil to ensure that the water spreads out evenly over the lawn. When installing the sprinkler system, the pipes are connected to a water supply that is controlled by a valve.

The pipes need to be laid in such a manner that the water will naturally flow to all the sprinkler heads. For this the sod might have to be cut and lifted before the pipes are laid. After the entire system is fixed, the sod will have to be re-laid to ensure that the lawn looks even and smooth. The same process will have to be completed when you are repairing the sprinkler system and need to replace leaking pipes or damaged sprinkler heads.