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The Importance of Timely Auto Care

carAn automobile is a complex machine that needs regular servicing and maintenance to function properly, be fuel efficient, and not breakdown at a crucial time. When scheduling auto care the owner needs to fix a proper time interval for various maintenance chores.

Many Moving Parts

Tires have to be checked at least once a month for both wear and tear and tire pressure. Similarly, the radiator coolant has to be topped up every month as part of routine auto care. However, other maintenance activities can be scheduled at six month or annual intervals.

While auto care experts suggest that the radiator coolant be changed every year, they also emphasize that the use of the car needs to be factored in when deciding on a maintenance schedule. A car that is used a lot needs to be serviced more frequently than one used only on weekends.

Proper Alignment

Another way of ensuring that the vehicle does not develop problems at a crucial time is to schedule a servicing a week before a long road trip is planned. This will ensure that the brakes, tires, and engine oil are all functioning properly.

Apart from scheduling an annual service of the car as part of regular auto care, a driver should be alert to any changes in the way the brake functions and take the car to the mechanic immediately. This is vital since the brake is an important defensive device for any automobile.

Do not Ignore these Issues

Similarly, the driver should be alert to any changes in the way the tires are moving – wobbling, instability, less grip – and consult a mechanic.

For proper auto care one should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about service schedules, coolant used, and tire pressure.

As the front and rear tires of a vehicle wear out at different speeds, just rotating them each year can help ensure that the tires last longer.