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Carpet Installation and Cleaning

carpet-cleanerA carpet typically helps to brighten a room and give it a more comfortable, homely appeal. Carpets are also occasionally installed to reduce noise levels in the room, as the material of the carpet can dampen and absorb sound. If a carpet isn’t installed correctly, however, it can provide you with a lot of problems over time. Proper carpet installation and cleaning can, on the other hand, can be the reason your carpet shines and will last for years and years.

Outstanding Work

If you have hired a carpet installation and cleaning crew to install the carpet for you, make sure they know what they’re doing. Most problems are caused by faulty installation of a carpet. Try to ensure they are using standard adhesives to keep the carpet in place and that they aren’t being careless and leaving “bubbles” on the carpet surface.

A properly installed carpet should be flat and even, from corner to corner.

Not Just Once

Your carpet, whatever it is made up of, has to be cleaned regularly since a lot of dust and grime can collect on it. You should vacuum your carpet once a week, or more if necessary. If your carpet has been recently installed, it may shed some of its material fibers; you may need a broom to clear these away.

You can try removing tough stains on your carpet by using homemade solutions such as a mixture of lime and vinegar. Lime won’t damage your carpet and it will eliminate any stains. In addition, it will also distribute a refreshing fragrance throughout the room and possibly your entire home.

Consider Hiring Professionals

It’s recommended that you steam clean your carpet once a year. This is not an easy job; your best bet is to hire a trusted carpet installation and cleaning service to handle the job for you, since it requires special equipment that can be expensive to buy or rent.