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Causes of Squeaky Flooring

wood floorSqueaky flooring can be a fantastic source of inconvenience as you go about your everyday activities. It is usually caused by loose joints, the wood plank rubbing against a nail, another piece of wood, or even ducts and cables. It can be fixed by removing the cause of the squeak.

Locating the Right Spot

If there is space below the subfloor, locating the right spot of the flooring that is squeaking is fairly simple. Ask a helper to jump up and down over the squeaky floor while you position yourself under the subfloor. This should help you identify the cause of the squeak so that it can be fixed. Even if you do not have a helper, you can measure the distance from the wall to the squeaking joint and use this to guide you in locating the problem.


To fix squeaky flooring if there is a gap between the sub floor and the joist, just insert shims in the gap. This should be done without exerting too much pressure as you do not want to widen the gap but close it.

Any nails that are being affected by the moving subfloor can be trimmed to fix the squeak.

Sometimes, the gap between the subfloor and the joist or the support can be too wide, uneven, or narrow to use shims. In such cases you can use construction adhesive to seal the gap. This works by entering the space and expanding as it dries. Again, the trick to effectively stopping squeaky flooring is to use the right amount of adhesive to fill the gap without expanding it.

Extra Support

If the subfloor is sagging and causing the squeak, you need to provide additional support by fixing a supporting block under the sagging flooring. This can be fixed using adhesive or nails.