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Effective Chimney Cleaning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProfessionals recommend that you clean your chimney once a year, ideally before winter. This will ensure that the smoke from the fire has a proper outlet and doesn’t clog your living room or coat your expensive furniture with a thin layer of creosote. You can either perform the chimney cleaning operation yourself or call a professional to do it for you. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure you have all the equipment, like a ladder, a chimney brush and extensions for the chimney brush, goggles and a dust mask a tarp to gather all the dust.

Check Your Chimney First

Before going for chimney cleaning, you should peer inside your chimney first, both to gauge the amount of dust you’ll be cleaning as well as to ensure that no birds or other animals have made their home there. To check your chimney, you can either climb to the roof and look inside the mouth of your chimney or look up the length of your chimney (wearing goggles) from your living room with a flashlight.

Chimney Cleaning

It may be easier if you clean your chimney from the top down, since the grime falling from the top won’t coat already cleaned parts of your chimney. If you have no experience with chimney cleaning¸ you might want to hire professionals to help you with the task.

It’s recommended that you wear rubber soled shoes when you climb onto your roof and step lightly. You can stick in a chimney cleaning brush down the length of the chimney and brush off the creosote. Don’t forget to place a plastic tarp or a sheet at the bottom of the chimney.

If your chimney appears to be too thickly coated with grime, it may be in need of a more thorough cleaning than you can provide – it’s best if you call chimney cleaning professionals for the job.