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Foundation Repair Using Wall Anchors

wall crackMost foundation problems are caused by excess water in the soil around it. This should be drained using French drains and the soil around the foundation wall should graded with a slope away from it to ensure that water does not accumulate in the soil and put pressure on the foundation. However, even after this, the tilt or buckling has to be corrected.

Wall Anchors

There are many ways in which the tilting or buckling foundation wall can be corrected. One effective way is to use wall anchors. There are three parts to a wall anchor – two plates and a steel rod. One of the plates is buried in the yard outside the house and the other is inserted into the tilting or buckled wall. The two plates are connected by a horizontal steel rod. The outside plate exerts force of the wall and gradually straightens it. As this happens, the steel rod or connector is tightened to increase the tension.


When repairing a titling or buckling foundation the anchors are installed at six to eight feet distances from each other. This means that straightening a single foundation wall will require multiple wall anchors. However, this option is still a lot less expensive than replacing the foundation wall.


Wall anchors are a great way to repair tilting or buckling foundation walls and improve the stability of the structure. Additionally, the wall anchors ensure that there is no loss of interior space in the basement. The interior walls of the basement can be finished with ease and the space used for living activities. However, the installation of the anchors in the yard and the horizontal connectors can cause a disturbance to the landscaping unless done with care. This is so the connectors have to be accessed periodically for tightening purposes.