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General Maintenance

House 25When it comes to maintaining the value of your home, regular maintenance is the cheapest and most effective. This general maintenance can help fix problems when they are minor and ensure that you do not have to deal with expensive and time consuming repairs later on and at the worst times possible, i.e. such as in the middle of a business conference with potential outside investors.


As a home owner, it is essential to have a fixed schedule for regular maintenance to ensure that every part of the structure is clean and without damage. Such a schedule will include annual inspections of the roof and replacement of broken tiles as well as cleaning of the shingles and gutters. Similarly, the chimneys, vents, and soffits will have to be cleaned and inspected for damage. Fixing a loose shutter as soon as it is noticed can help prevent the cost of replacing the entire window as well as prevent the entry of rodents and bats.


Apart from and inspection and repair of minor damage to the structure of the home, a general maintenance schedule should also include an inspection and repair of all the appliances in the home. This will include the heating and cooling systems as well as the electrical outlets and other electrical fixtures.


Apart from the interior of the home, the landscaping can also benefit from a scheduled general maintenance check. This can be used to check that there are no low branches on trees that need to be cut off as well as a check on the fences and gates.

Given the hectic pace of life and the multiple activities and responsibilities that many home owners face, you can outsource the general maintenance of the house to ensure that it is completed on time and as per the schedule. A general maintenance check will include all the areas of the house you want checked, cleaned, and fixed.