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Home Improvement that Shines

new kitchenMany home improvement projects are undertaken to increase living space. Another reason for undertaking a home improvement project is to reduce energy consumption. These projects enhance the energy efficiency of the home, thereby, reducing the consumption of energy, and energy bills.


When starting a home improvement project to increase energy efficiency, the first step is to assess your home with emphasis on energy consumption. In most homes the maximum energy is consumed for heating and cooling. As such by spotting the places where there is loss of heated or cooled air and fixing these, the energy efficiency of the home can be increased.

Another area that can benefit from home improvement to reduce energy consumption is lighting.


Once the heating and cooling systems of the home as well as its lighting have been assessed, the changes can be planned as part of the home improvement projects. One way of reducing heating and cooling costs is by improving the insulation of the home. This will also enhance the comfort levels of the residents as the indoor temperature will be more stable. Insulation can be improved by adding better insulation in the attics and basements as well as by sealing all air leaks. In order to reduce the use of artificial lights, the windows can be replaced with clear glass if possible. Another way of reducing lighting costs is to use dimmer switches and CFL bulbs.


While home improvement by enhancing the insulation can cut energy costs for heating and cooling, another way in which it can be achieved is by using energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners. When these are combined with programmable thermostats that better control the indoor temperature, the energy efficiency of the home is enhanced without sacrificing the comforts of your family members.