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The Nature of Garage Repair

garage repairmanGarage repair includes various facets such as the maintenance and repair of the door as well as the floor and walls. Of these the door has the most components and features that need to be maintained and repaired. For instance, when you want to reduce your overall energy bills, you need to weather proof the garage door and also weather seal it.

Weather Sealing

Garage doors can leak heat through the door and through the gaps around the edges. This is because the garage door does not often sit flush against the frame allowing treated air from indoors to leak out through the small gaps and cracks. Effective garage repair to prevent energy loss must include weather sealing of the garage door.

Synthetic Seals

The garage repair process that involves garage door weather sealing uses synthetic seals that are attached to the edges of the door. The seals used for the top and sides of the door are different from that used at the bottom which is typically made of vinyl. These sealants have to be installed after removing the existing sealants that might have become compressed with use.

Aluminum Tracks

When the sealants are installed often the aluminum tracks used by the old sealants have to be removed as part of the garage repair. This is because the existing tracks might be bent or dented after many years of use.

Since weather sealing of the garage door should ensure that even small gaps are sealed, it can be a time consuming job. Unless tackled and completed properly this garage repair work will not be effective in reducing the energy consumption of the home.

Apart from helping to control indoor air temperature, weather sealing is an important part of garage repair since it keeps moisture and small animals and insects out.