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The Subject of Heating

thermometerHomes and offices in cold places need to be heated to a comfortable temperature. This is typically done either through central heating or isolated heating. In isolated heating only a single room is heated by a heat source, for instance a stove or fireplace. On the other hand, central heating involves the use of a single furnace or other heating source that helps heat the entire building.

Types of Heating

Typically, central heating involves the use of a furnace located in one room or area of the building and heating either water or air which is then circulated through the entire building, transmitting heat. Normally, a forced air system is used to heat the rooms by placing vents for the heated air to enter the room. Sometimes steam is forced into the ducts for this purpose.

With the increasing use of solar energy many building use solar power to heat water that is circulated through pipes to provide warmth and heat.


Central heating is efficient only when all or most of the building needs to be heated. Otherwise it is better to use isolated heating. One way of increasing the efficiency of the heating system is to ensure that there are no leaks of treated air. The ducts carrying the heated air should be without leaks and the rooms should have doors and windows that close properly without any gaps. Additionally, any rooms that are not used can be sealed off and the vents into them be shut to reduce the space being heated. This is particularly effective in homes if entire floors, for instance the basement or attic, can be sealed.

Space Heaters

When the weather is only cool and you need only a little additional heat in a limited space, space heaters can be used effectively.